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What vehicles need an emission test?

Your vehicle needs an emissions test if it is a heavy-duty diesel commercial motor vehicle with a registered gross weight over 4,500 kilograms, such as a large truck or bus, and the vehicle is either:

  • at least seven model years old and you are renewing your license plate sticker
  • older than the current model year and you are registering the vehicle as a new owner

You will receive a registration renewal notice in the mail that will indicate if your vehicle needs an emissions test.

Can I Be Pulled Over?

All vehicles driven on Ontario’s roads are subject to Ontario’s emissions standards. If your vehicle is found to be in contravention of these standards, you may be subject to compliance or enforcement action such as verbal warnings and/or fines.

Ministry of Transportation enforcement officers and police anywhere in Ontario are authorized to stop and inspect your vehicle if they believe, among other things, that:

  • your vehicle is emitting excessive exhaust emissions
  • emissions control equipment has been tampered with or removed
When does my vehicle need an emissions test?

Heavy-duty diesel commercial motor vehicles are required to be emissions tested annually. If you own a heavy-duty diesel commercial motor vehicle that requires an emissions test, you will receive a registration renewal notice in the mail indicating that an emissions test is required to renew your vehicle registration.

What happens during an emissions test?

An emissions test for a heavy diesel commercial motor vehicle involves:

  • a pre-test check
  • an opacity test
  • an on-board diagnostic system test for 2007 and newer vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of up to 6350 kilograms


How do I know the testing is fair?

There are measures in place to ensure emissions tests are fair, such as: 

  • vehicle inspection centres must have computerized, tamper-proof equipment approved for the program
  • your test results are compared with emissions standards set for all vehicles of the same particular year and model. All results are recorded in a central database, to facilitate monitoring and auditing of test results
  • all technicians performing the tests are monitored continuously for expected pass/fail rates and irregularities
  • all vehicle inspection centres are audited to ensure they follow proper testing procedures

Every registered technician and vehicle inspection centre must follow the inspection procedures and apply the equipment and performance standards set out in Ontario’s DriveON inspection directive